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The Legal Aid Commission, is the principal government agency mandated by the 1992 Constitution and the Commission’s Act, Act 977 to provide legal aid to the indigent persons. The Commission carries out its mandated through;


The Legal Aid Commission strive to provide cutting edge legal services to its clients. The Commission understands the challenges the indigent person faces in obtaining reliable legal advice which is crucial to understanding his or her right and navigating the complexities of the legal system. The Legal Aid Commission has well experienced lawyers who are readily available to offer free legal consultation and advice to the indigent persons who need and deserve such services. The Commission believes that the financial status of an individual should not be an inhibiting factor to quality legal consultation and advice.


The Legal Aid Commission apart from free consultation and advice to its clients also offer free legal representation to the indigent person who has reasonable grounds to be party to a matter in court. The Commission believes that having access to quality legal representation is crucial for individuals who has reasonable grounds to be a party to a matter in court the Commission thus provide legal representation, to low-income individuals, marginalized communities and the vulnerable populations who would otherwise be unable to afford representation. This does not only ensure the protection of the constitutional rights of the individual but also contributes to a fairer and more inclusive society.


One of the most potent tools which the Commission prides itself as being the leader is its used of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Mechanism to quickly and cost effectively dispose of dispute which are amenable to out of court resolution. The Alternative Dispute Resolution which the Commission uses provides individuals with an efficient and cost-effective means of resolving conflicts outside of traditional courtroom litigation. For individuals seeking assistance to resolve a legal dispute through the Commission, it is essential to understand that where applicable the Commission explores resolution of such legal dispute using the tool of mediation through its well experienced Mediators across the country.

The Legal Aid Commission utilizes Mediation as an alternative method for resolving disputes thus reaping the benefit of mending broken relationships, avoiding confrontational traditional courtroom setting, “getting to yes” quickly and thus avoiding unnecessary legal expenses and promoting peaceful coexistence in society among others.